New Mexico

The Pronghorn Antelope is a New Mexico native from the earliest days of mammals on earth and today,
unique in the world and a fine trophy that makes excellent table fare.
Plentiful on the huge private ranches we hunt and very keen eyed but suspicious making a fun challenging spot and stalk hunt on the wide open spaces of the Llano Estacado.
The pronghorn hunt is an excellent kickoff for every hunting season afield.


  • Hunting big very private ranches for the best results
  • Private hunt parties
  • Trophy bucks 15-19 inches scoring 80+ are the targets
  • ModernHuntsman Harvest Hunt training program ‘1st big game animal’ hunt
  • Bow hunt dates during the rut in August
  • Rifle Hunt dates in Aug., Sept., and Oct.
  • Guaranteed private land tags
  • ProGuide and Fully Outfitted service packages to your desires