What makes the land of New Mexico unique when it comes to outdoor activities?

New Mexico has 22 million acres of public lands with fantastic access, huge private ranches and just 1.8 million people.  Our landscape is wild and open from the low desert basins down on the Mexican border to the alpine peaks of the Sangre de Cristo at 13,000 feet with super great variety of game living free and wild across this unspoiled landscape.

New Mexico weather is mild offering year round conditions excellent for outdoor activities.

In fact, it is not uncommon to ski in the morning up on the mountain then play a round of golf down in the valley afterwards. Personally, my operation focuses on being cool all summer long in the high country of northern New Mexico fly fishing cold water creeks for trout then hunting mountain species as Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, dusky grouse and elk then relocating to the southern deserts with a warm sunny winter fishing the lakes for warm water species and hunt desert big horns, antelope, mule deer, wild quail, waterfowl, Barbary sheep and Ibex.


Outdoors activities Near Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe sits right in the middle of some of the finest outdoor recreation in the world.

Top to bottom the surrounding landscapes around and within Santa Fe provide fantastic outdoor recreation.  Skiing, XC skiing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting the Rio Grande, fly fishing the wild rivers for trout and lake fishing for bass and walleye, wildlife viewing, or even hunting for both small game and trophy big game are all popular activities for Santa Fe residents and visitor alike.  Recently we have even added a new “push pull” private railroad car service on the Lamy Line for something even more unique. With the legalization of cannabis here in New Mexico, we will really get high under the bright blue skies in the wilds of New Mexico.

Santa Fe also has numerous professional outfitters and guiding companies ready to equip and lead you and your friends into  the wilds for a fantastic memorable experience here in the Land of Enchantment.

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