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Unsuccessful Drawing Your Big Game Hunting Tag This Season?

Come join us with guaranteed private landowner tags hunting trophy pronghorn antelope. We have a couple spots open for the right real hunters. Take your pick of the serious fine trophy bucks during the rut over the August 24-26 dates or double your BLAST of a hunting time afield with the combo dove and antelope September 28-30 on exclusive New Mexico plains ranch. 3 Days ProGuide at $4500/ hunter plus tax including private guiding, trophy harvest field care and lunch each day afield with hunters lodging and dining on their own in nearby Portales, NM. Just learning or wanting to learn how to hunt and provide your table with quality wild game meat – inquire about our ModernHuntsman lessons that include ethics, shooter training and harvest. Call now to reserve your spots.”

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting, Great For Beginners!

Pronghorn antelope hunting is an excellent choice for beginners and provides a fantastic learning environment. Our hunts are set on the expansive Hay Ranch, where we have meticulously prepared shooting ranges to help you practice and perfect your skills. Spend time with our expert guides, making practice shots and mastering your technique before setting out on the hunt. Contact us today to learn more about our pronghorn antelope hunting through our Modern Huntsman Program.



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