New Mexico Hunting Guide

High and Cool Dusky Grouse Hunting in New Mexico

High up in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, cool alpine air of September, bright blue skies, golden aspen, bugling elk, tall grass meadows, old logging roads and along trout streams we will find grouse exploding into the air!

  • Hunting our traditional hunting grounds high up in the Carson and Santa Fe National Forest

  • September hunts beating the heat below

  • Licenses required – Game Hunting with HMAV and Fed. Habitat Stamp procured directly from the NMDG&F “over the counter” sales

  • AlpineMeadows- fully outfitted services in private deluxe tent camps in remote areas for a great experience up there where the birds live

    ProGuide – guided only – day hunting services with hunters lodging and dining on their own in personal encampment out there or in nearby towns

  • Day trips from Albuquerque and Santa Fe

    Combo – dusky grouse, band tailed pigeon and Abert tassel eared squirrel

  • Fly Fishing alpine lakes and streams for native Rio Grande cutthroat, rainbow, brown and brook


Experience the Unique Thrill of Dusky Grouse Hunting in New Mexico

Join us this fall for an exclusive hunting adventure targeting the Dusky Grouse. Our season kicks off on September 1st and extends into the winter, offering you a spectacular outdoor experience amidst the stunning backdrop of New Mexico’s high-altitude landscapes.

I recommend the best hunting to be early in the season when we find the family groups still living in the wide open parks feeding on grass hoppers and dandy lions where our pointing dogs can cover the most ground and lock up on the tight holding birds.

We also put together an excellent October hunt when we find the areas during our rifle elk hunts of the forest the birds are grouping in for the winter.  This is a great hunt when the aspen are in full color and we are hunting the now adult birds on old logging roads and north face dark timber.

Why Hunt Dusky Grouse?

Dusky Grouse, residing at elevations between 9,000 and 12,000 feet, are a challenging and rewarding quarry. Our hunts take place in the expansive mountain parks, where these birds congregate in family groups, feasting on grasshoppers and dandelions. This setting not only makes for an exciting hunt but also allows our trained pointing dogs to perform at their best, covering the huge meadows and locking up on point the tight holding birds with clear shots on the open space.

Our Alpine Meadows Package

Our remote camps, also used for elk hunting, provide a comfortable base from which to explore the wilderness. Imagine waking up to the sound of elk bugling, with golden aspen leaves fluttering in the breeze and blue skies overhead. In addition to grouse, you can also hunt native Band-tailed Pigeons during the early part of September, making for a varied hunting experience.

For those interested in more than just hunting, our camp is ideally situated for Rio Grande cutthroat trout fly fishing. Combo trips are available, allowing you to enjoy the best of both hunting and fishing in New Mexico’s pristine wilderness.

Culinary Delights in the Wild

Hunting Dusky Grouse isn’t just about the pursuit; it’s also about the reward. These birds are known for their delicious taste, and we love preparing them right in the field. Our guides are skilled in using local ingredients, such as wild mushrooms, to cook up mouthwatering meals that you’ll enjoy around the campfire.

Booking Your Hunt

We recommend booking your hunt in early September to take advantage of the optimal conditions for spotting grouse in the meadows and excellent Indian summer weather conditions the Land of Enchantment is known. When the rest of bird country is in a heat wave stressing your dogs, you can drop them in the cool high country parks of New Mexico with its tall grass and mountain streams for the best of times.

The season remains open through October and into November, until the first snows, offering flexibility for your schedule. With a daily limit of three birds per hunter and a possession limit of six, your hunting trip promises both challenge and reward.

Plan Your Adventure Today

Whether you’re a seasoned bird hunter or looking to try something new, our Dusky Grouse hunts offer an unparalleled experience in the heart of New Mexico’s wilderness. Contact us to secure your spot in one of our private camp tent camps and experience the thrill of hunting, the beauty of nature, and the taste of wild game this hunting season.

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