Getting in shape

Is Bird Hunting Just For People Who Are Very Experienced or In Really Good Shape?

We make it fun for everyone, all different bodies of different shapes. So what one person could do, and not at least they can kind of find a common ground, even if they’re just gonna happily tease one another if they’re guessing out. But to keep it safe, right to keep it, you know, without a guy.

 and there’s only a few of them. We only have so many weeks, you know. I encourage them to do a Zoom Meeting with me, you know, cocktail hour, or something like that, so we can all talk about what they’re getting into so they can once again, you know, listening to me, they can understand what the shooting situation is, what camps gonna look like, what the landscape’s gonna look like, how, what, what gear they should really show up with, and why it’s on that list, you know. People boys wonder why? So you know. And and and if there’s a party like 400, which this year there were several of those, or are 3 to get them all on a Zoom Meeting at one time to to talk it all over that’s really useful.

 Yeah, sure. No, I’d imagine that. And then they show up unprepared even then, even then, you know, it’s showing up unprepared are just our biggest problem. You know it. And, guys, they’re repeat customers that come back way better. We both learn from each other how people like to be and do. It just makes it all the better for the next one. Not such a mystery. That’s why we really focus on these repeat customers. Oh, okay, well, next year same hunt, same time, or something new.

New Mexico Guiding

How Much Do You Walk During a Quail Hunt?

You know, a mile to a couple of miles a day, if not more, if you’re into it. But a mile, you know, is not very far, and we’ll walk a mile in a loop around looking for quail. 

you know. It’s not. It’s not just a leisurely 100 yard stroll into this field. No, the fields, you know, could be quite large. The mountain valleys are quite large, and at any given time. When we walk away from the truck we’re likely to do a mile circle.

Oh, okay, you know, and it could be 5 miles if the guys are in shape because we’re limited to listening. In the country, you know, it’s where we’re not fenced in, and it’s really up to what people are into what they feel like doing. But they need to be able to do a little.

you know, a mile or mile or 2 a day out there hunting that they can get it done doing that.

In other words, they can get it done like they could be successful doing that.

So they need to be prepared to walk a mile a day out there, you know, a mile a walk. Can we get back to the truck and rest up a little bit? Maybe go walk 2 miles on this walk.

But you know, a mile across the country it’s a long, that’s a long way, you know. It actually makes people feel like they just did a pretty damn good circle.


It’s up to us professional guides to read our clients, and it the old story goes when they call, and they book something with me when I send them with the client, or what with one of my guides, or like, when I go, pick them up at the door the hotel, or meet them for the first day out here in the field.

The whole plan can change instantly. Everybody has the right as a professional guide, to adjust the plan. We may have a plan. We, you know that morning. We’re like, Yeah, we’re gonna hike in here. Go, do this. Go do that.

You know what everything is tailored for every individual and everybody. They’re here to have a recreational fund. We don’t want to be slave drivers, you know. They gotta have fun doing it. We don’t want to wear out if we’re hunting 3 days in a row, they need to be ready to go hunting tomorrow and the next day and looking forward to it. So they’re not getting their butts kicked.

Yeah, it’s instead of the right of the guide to go just on the fly as

Target Practice

Where Are Some Good Place For Target Practice in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque Areas in 2023?

Albuquerque has some really good sporting clays and rifle pistol shooting facilities.

Santa Fe. We’re a little more limited. It’s a very liberal town, right, you know. But Albuquerque has a double eagle shooting range 2 or 3 different sporting clay operations nearby. My favorite one is down in Berlin, so 30 miles south of Albuquerque, which then makes it, you know, about 80 miles south of Santa Fe.

But there are some good ones, some good shotgun and rifle and pistol facilities. Yes.

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