New Mexico Hunting Guide

What makes up for a good quail season?

3 or 4 years of Mother Nature delivering what it needs to make the birds healthy. They just need a couple of years in a row of good hatching conditions, and their numbers just go exponential.

Every surviving bird can hatch a whole other family of birds. So all of a sudden, every surviving bird adds 15 birds to the landscape year after year. If you end up 2 or 3 years in a row of the right conditions for quail to hatch, then all of a sudden you got a great upcoming year for quail hunting.

The cyclical matters, for all these game species, but particularly for these desert species, normally down here it’s dry and kind lousy. When we get a couple of years in a row of good stuff, the wildlife really responds quickly to it.

In New Mexico, these deserts are so dry that every now and then we get repetitive years with good weather, which means average moisture or above-average moisture. And then all of a sudden, the desert animals really respond. New Mexico definitely has a unique niche in terms of how it’s different from, let’s say Colorado or Texas. 

And then when it is good in New Mexico, then we have to put the word out. Take advantage of it. My clients will tell you over the years if the quail season is not good in New Mexico, I just say so.

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