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What Experiences Keep Novice Hunters Coming Back For More?

The absolute thrill people get when they practice with a shotgun. Once they got a little idea of how the philosophy of shooting an aerial target with a shotgun. Whether it’s dove hunting or quail hunting, any of the bird hunting that we do here. We consider wing shooting.

When a novice hunter, who has trained and shot clay pigeons, and did some sporting clays, or skied or trap before they come hunting for a wild bird. In other words, they might manage to hit a target in the air. So they’re not wasting their time when they finally achieve that on a wild bird, and they get their hands on the bird. That’s the huge grin. And that happens to us a lot. We see a lot of newish hunters in the business. And to me, that’s a thrill of guiding that we actually have a chance to show somebody new, something very new of a new experience, and in on that kind of thought process.

It’s normal. We lunch out in the field, we hunt mid morning through, and then we stop at a certain time, and then we put out lunch and we cook lunch, and we hang out at least rest the dogs, if not an if not our hunters, too. We’re we’re all need a break because our legs are tired from hiking and searching for these birds

A lot of times. We end up cooking lunch right where we ended up our last little hunt period, and the best things that happen is when those new hunters are sitting there eating lunch out there, and and the quail start calling, or the birds start coming back and landing again, because they haven’t been molested by us hunters. They can sit there eating lunch and hearing that, and seeing that, and then get up and go do it again.

That’s a really cool experience for people with wild birds. You can see that if it’s planted, of course there’s going to put more birds out in the field than what we’re talking about yesterday. But, man, when it all comes together and we’re hunting wild birds. We’re taking a lunch break, and you can hear the quail back in there in the desert doing their convoy calls. Those covid that we just got done scattering are all calling to each other to reform, and you can listen to them doing it. That’s really icing on the cake for quail hunting. Yeah, that’s to sit there and hear them recover. Then go try them again. That’s a cool thing.

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