New Mexico Oryx Hunting Guide

Professional Hunting Guide Services

With its black and white face, tall strait black horns, tawny slumped back and black fly swatter tail, the Oryx is a stunning sight for the first time viewer standing out there in the remote deserts of New Mexico.
Easy to spot at distance, then tough to stalk with its high powered vision similar to our Pronghorn, the Oryx hunt should be on your list of  ‘To Dos’ as hunter. 
Introduced on White Sands Missile Range and now free ranging off range too in ever growing numbers, it has become one of our favorite hunts for fun winter recreation, trophy quality and most excellent table fare.


  • Hunting on White Sands Missile Range as an approved Outfitter and ‘Off Range’ on surrounding
    Las Cruces BLM district lands
  • WSMR is America’s premier military missile and weapons research and test facility opening it's
    secure gates for a few fortunate hunters each season – providing a very high quality hunting
  • SFGC team guiding utilizing long distance spot and stalk techniques, vehicle use and safety for
    the best results
  • November, December, January, February and March preferred hunt dates in the warm sunny
    New Mexico desert
  • We are NMDG&F draw hunt application experts with a very high success rate of drawing tags in
    the preferred Outfitted Pool with a March deadline to apply
  • 100% success with hunters taking great tasty trophy Oryx
  • ProGuide – guided only – hunt services with hunters lodging and dining in nearby towns