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What are some of the general benefits for quail hunting in New Mexico ?

Most wild game bird hunting has stopped due to bad farming practices or overhunting. Yeah, yeah. Even when you go to South Dakota and North Dakota to go pheasant hunting. And you hear about all these pheasants. They shoot a lot of those operations by hundreds of thousands of pheasant, and they put them out there in August or so. By the time you’re there, you’re shooting birds that are acting pretty wild. But they were planted.

That’s the norm these days. That’s what makes New Mexico unique.


What is one of the benefits of NM for hunters who live outside of NM?

One of the really cool things about hunting here is our late season. Most bird hunting operations up North are getting really cold in winter, or really changing because of winter patterns, or ending by December. Sometimes, earlier than that.


While here in New Mexico, on this quail hunt, we’re in full swing from December and January into mid-February.

That’s a huge benefit to the hunters. They don’t have anything else to do whether they were duck hunting at home, or where they were quail hunting at home. It’s the dead of winter.


When they come down here there’s a lot of days, and we pretty much expect and advertise that the temperature swing goes from 30 to 50, and in the desert a lot of times it gets even warmer than that.


Warm enough where, if we’re hunting near water, we spend time on those warmer days hunting near the water, so the dogs can swim and refresh themselves all the time. We also have higher mountains where we can hunt and the mountains are always gonna be cooler up at higher elevations during those warm periods of time. Even better, the difference between the mountains and the river valley. In habitat, it often gives us a chance to harvest all 3 of the desert species, sometimes even during one hunt Gamble’s Montezuma and scaled quail, which is a really cool story, and when you and like, I say, sometimes all in one hunt, I mean and all in one day. If we, if we start high and we work our way down through the valleys


Many days, we get all 3 species by just lowering elevation. That’s really, you know, not only they come out here and have nice weather in January. When back at home they’d be freezing their asses off. January is here a lot of times. We do have winter blasts that roll through, no doubt, but a lot of times. It’s really mild weather, and it’s a nice break from the cold winter already for the dogs and us hunters.

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