Professional Hunting Guide Services

The Persian Ibex was introduced to the vertical world of the Florida Mountains in 1970 for our future hunting entertainment – and what an entertaining adventure hunting experience they have provided.
If you have never been ibex hunting in the Florida Mountains, you simply cannot imagine what all the hype is all about. Scoping Big Whitey and his Gang of Thugs battling on the red granite cliff face scampering about on the vertical world in front of you, you will be sure they must have suction cups for feet and the hunter has no chance of getting close.

  • Hunting out of our favorite camps for the past 30 years on Las Cruces BLM District lands
  • A Real Hunt for Real Hunter desiring a world class experience of a lifetime
  • SFGC Team Guiding is a must and proven for success and safety
  • January bow hunts with a pretty good chance of drawing a tag
  • November and December “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Billy hunts with hardly a chance to draw, but you just got to try
  • February Muzzleloader hunt with hardly a chance to draw but certainly worth trying
  • Highly Recommended – December and February Female/ Immature hunts offer a good chance of drawing a tag so you can go on this world class hunting adventure experience
  • Licenses obtained by a lucky draw in the NMDG&F draw with a deadline to apply in March
  •  TrophyBuck – fully outfitted services in private deluxe tent camps in remote areas for a great experience in the wild western landscapes
  • ProGuide – guided only – services lodging and dining in nearby towns during colder weather for comfort and saving energy for a hard hunting experience