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Calm spring stillness at day break… song birds singing spring… soft tree calling… thunder chicken gobbles back to our call…

call again…GOBBLE…GOBBLE!… getting closer…

black tom appears in clearing out front… strutting white tipped fan…

red, white and blue head flashing…getting closer….BANG!

Shot in the face, flopping, beating wings with feathers flying.

One Tom in hand and a memory of a lifetime

Discover the Thrill of Merriam’s Turkey Hunting in New Mexico

Welcome to the heat of turkey season! The SFGC ProGuide services specialize in the challenging yet exhilarating pursuit of Merriam’s turkeys, particularly revered among hunters for their elusiveness and vibrant plumage. Our hunts are timed strategically to offer you a prime opportunity to participate in what’s known as the “Turkey Grand Slam” — the quest to harvest all five subspecies of turkeys in a single season.

  • Hunting private properties and our traditional hunting grounds in the Carson, Cibola and Santa Fe National Forest
  • Native New Mexico ProGuides talk turkey, know all their favorite hang outs – EXPERTS
  • Licenses required Game Hunting with HMAV, Federal Habitat Stamp and Turkey License with 2 Tom tags
    Hunting dates – April 15- May 15.
  • Licenses required – Game
  • Hunting with HMAV, Fed. Habitat Stamp and Turkey License with 2
    Tom tags procured directly from the NMDG&F ‘over the counter’ sales
  • BossTom – fully outfitted services in private deluxe tent camps in remote areas for a great
    experience up there where the birds live
  • ProGuide – guided only – day hunting services with hunters lodging and dining on their own in
    personal encampment out there or in nearby towns
  • Day trips from Albuquerque and Santa Fe
  • Combo – New Mexico Natives – both Rio Grande and Merriams

Why Hunt Merriam’s Turkey?

The Merriam’s turkey, a native of the Four Corners states (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico), carries a rich heritage. Historically associated with the Anasazi and Pueblo Indians, these birds were integral to local ceremonies and daily life, admired for their striking feathers used in traditional regalia. Today, they are the crown jewels of turkey hunting due to their scarcity and the challenging hunt they offer.


Merriam’s turkeys are known for their roaming habits and limited roosting spots, often roosting in different locations nightly depending on environmental conditions. Their distinctive white-tipped tails and wing bars make them a highly sought-after trophy for any serious hunter’s collection.

What We Offer

Our season runs from April 15th to May 15th, during which we offer 3-day guided hunts. You can choose to stay in local accommodations or, for the authentic experience, camp out in tents right where the turkeys live. This not only enhances your hunting adventure but allows you to wake up to the sounds of turkeys gobbling — a true hunter’s morning call.

Join the Slam Event

The thrill of the hunt peaks during the Turkey Grand Slam event. As one of the last regions to close the turkey hunting season on May 15, New Mexico provides a critical opportunity for those looking to complete their Slam. After tackling easier birds elsewhere, hunters come to us to chase the most challenging turkey first — the Merriam’s.

Whether you’re an experienced turkey hunter or looking to broaden your hunting experiences, Merriam’s turkey hunting in New Mexico offers a unique blend of challenge, beauty, and tradition. Join us for a season of unforgettable hunting, where each outing promises not just a pursuit but an encounter with the wild heritage of the Southwest.

Ready to Pursue the Merriam’s Turkey?

Contact us to book your hunt or to learn more about our guided adventures and accommodations. Let’s make your turkey hunting dreams come true!

We offer day hunting from towns and solid accommodations when a hunter desires a roof over their head and a hot shower daily as well as our most popular BossTom fully outfitted hunt based out of our private remote deluxe tent camps up on the mountain where we put the birds to bed and follow gobbles out of camp each day as a goal.  A true hunting experience of a life time.


Behind the Scenes: The Challenges of Filming Wild Turkey Hunts

Capturing the raw excitement of turkey hunting on video is no small feat, and this season has proven to be particularly challenging. Our target? The elusive wild turkeys that roam our hunting grounds — clever and unpredictable, these birds have kept us on our toes.

The Craft of Hunting and Filming

Each hunt brings its unique set of challenges. Just this morning, we found ourselves surrounded by gobblers approaching from every direction. Despite our best efforts and strategic positioning, not a single turkey was harvested. They’re tricky, managing to stay just out of shot or appearing where least expected — behind us, or in spots where any sudden movement could jeopardize the hunt for our clients.

Filming these cunning birds while guiding requires a delicate balance. Although I pride myself on managing both roles, the perfect alignment of filming and guiding a successful hunt demands everything to come together flawlessly. The turkeys this season seem to be playing a game of their own, often evading us at the last moment, which adds to the challenge but also to the thrill of the hunt.

Lucky Birds and Missed Opportunities

Today’s experience was a testament to the unpredictable nature of turkey hunting. Calling them “lucky birds” might be an understatement. Despite the turkeys being right there, within reach, capturing that critical moment on camera was as elusive as the shot itself.

Join Us on the Hunt

This ongoing battle of wits with nature is what makes turkey hunting exhilarating. We’re continuously learning and adapting our strategies, not just to outsmart the turkeys but to bring you along for the ride through our videos. Stay tuned for more tales from the field as we strive to capture the essence of what makes turkey hunting a spectacular adventure. 


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