Benefits of the Modern Huntsman Program

It’s Like College For Hunting & Fishing

Are you a beginning hunter looking for an accelerated program to provide all the lessons needed to harvest your own food for yourself and your family? The Modern Huntsman program is where it’s at!

Are you a parent who wants to share in the educational experience of your family, the Modern Huntsman program will provide the experience of a lifetime. The Modern Huntsman program provides hunting lessons in nature, survival skills, and harvesting your food. The Modern Huntsman focuses on practical life skills not found in most colleges, providing everything you need to become a proficient hunter and fisherman.

Investing in Life Skills and Unique Experiences

At Santa Fe Guiding Company, our Modern Huntsman program is more than just a hunting expedition; it’s an educational journey that equips you and your family with essential outdoor skills while providing a deep connection to nature. This program is tailored for those who view hunting as a way to invest in practical life skills that can be passed down through generations, much like a college education invests in a career.

Why Choose the Modern Huntsman Program?

  1. Guaranteed Opportunities: We offer a near-certain chance of success. Our private ranch settings provide a controlled environment with high success rates, ensuring that participants are not just spectators but active participants in their hunt. This setting is perfect for beginners and seasoned hunters looking to guarantee a fruitful experience.
  2. Educational Focus: The program goes beyond the hunt. It is designed as an intensive educational experience where you learn about wildlife management, ethical hunting practices, game cleaning, and handling. It’s about mastering the environment and understanding the sustainable practices that go into responsible hunting.
  3. A Family Investment: For families, particularly those relocating to areas like Santa Fe with a strong appreciation for nature, our hunts provide a meaningful way to invest in your children’s future. Unlike traditional recreational activities, hunting teaches patience, responsibility, and respect for nature—skills that are invaluable throughout life.
  4. Connection and Mentorship: Participating in a hunt can strengthen family bonds and provide lifelong memories. It’s an opportunity for parents to mentor their children in a setting that teaches respect for life and survival skills, fostering a profound connection with the natural world.
  5. Cultural Integration: For new residents, especially those from urban environments like California or Texas, our program offers an immersive experience into the outdoor lifestyle that is integral to New Mexico. It’s a perfect introduction to the community and its traditions, helping newcomers integrate more seamlessly.

Tailored Experiences to Fit Your Schedule

Understanding the busy schedules of modern families, we ensure our program dates are flexible, allowing participants to find a time that does not conflict with school or work commitments. Whether it’s a weekend retreat or a holiday adventure, we provide the options to suit your lifestyle.

Investment in Skills Beyond the Classroom

Hunting with Santa Fe Guiding Company is an investment in practical skills that traditional education often overlooks. It’s about preparing for life, not just a career. For those investing in properties and looking to enrich their family’s life with genuine, hands-on experiences, our program offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Every hunt is unique, and every hunter takes away something different—be it a newfound respect for wildlife, a passion for conservation, or simply a memorable adventure. With Santa Fe Guiding Company, you’re not just planning another family trip; you’re creating a legacy of experiences and skills that will benefit your family for generations.

Upcoming Opportunities

Pronghorn antelope hunting is an excellent choice for beginners and provides a fantastic learning environment. Our hunts are set on the expansive Hay Ranch, where we have meticulously prepared shooting ranges to help you practice and perfect your skills. Spend time with our expert guides, making practice shots and mastering your technique before setting out on the hunt. Contact us today to learn more about our pronghorn antelope hunting through our Modern Huntsman Program.


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