What are the Benefits of a Hunting Guide?

Simple – Our SFGC ProGuides spend 12 months of the year scouting and working the same areas for all species of animals, year after year, season after season and know where the far ranging herds and flocks are at any given time of the season.  Along with knowing where the quarry lives, we know the trails, are experts at navigation, safety and coaching a hunter to a successful conclusion during their time in the wilds here in New Mexico.

Do You Help With New Hunters & Beginners?

The SFGC has a new and very popular ModernHuntsman program designed to educate and teach want to be hunters firearm safety, shooting skills and harvest techniques so you take home the best table fare possible after your successful time afield. 

These programs are tailored to the hunter who wants to be self proficient with hopes of following up with DIY (do it yourself) adventures.  We assist our ModernHuntsman with procuring the right tags for public lands as well as on our private ranches where for this first outing, hunting and searching for an animal is not the focus, but firearm safety, shooting skills and then what we actually have to do to harvest the animal professionally being the targets. 

These training programs are for fishermen, small game hunters and big game hunters alike.  Taking fresh rainbow trout, bass, walleye, catfish for the frying pan or grouse, dove, ducks and squirrels while small game hunting or pronghorn antelope, deer or elk for big game events – most ModernHuntsman participants work their way up through the training from fishing, small game then onto big game over several season afield with us.

How is the Fishing in New Mexico?

Once again, New Mexico’s unique natural environment from the deserts down low way up into the highest elevations makes fishing a very great endeavor here as well.

With 4 distinct seasons, there is always something biting from the warm water lakes for bass, catfish, crappie and walleye to cold water systems full of  5 species of trout and pike.

How Can a Guide Help When it Comes to Fishing?

There is always something biting and the SFGC knows how to get you HOOKED UP.

What other guiding services are provided by the SFGC besides hunting and fishing?

The SFGC is also a destination management company for small and large leisure and corporate travel groups and families alike arranging everything from airport transportation to dining events and all available recreation activities from regional historical cultural sightseeing tours and all outdoor activities such as skiing, whitewater rafting, hot air ballooning, fly fishing lessons, etc. – the variety of activities is awesome! 


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