New Mexico Hunting Guide

What Are Some Good Tips For Success and Having a Good Time? Quail Hunting in New Mexico 2024

That hunters listen to the pro guides, understand, and then question. We will send a list of items that they should show up with, what sort of clothing and boots and what mindset they need to be in.

I think that one of the best things customers can do is understand what the outfit is telling them about how the hunts are gonna be when they get here. So many people have things pictured in their minds of how it should be or how it was once when I experienced it. And they’re really not listening. They’re busy, they have all kinds of work they’re working on and family stuff, and they’re really not listening.

Those guys show up unprepared for the vastness or or the idea of walking in rough country or way over dress like they came from Minnesota hunting here, you know. Yeah, listen to the advice. We see it at bird hunts and and on any of the big game hunts or anything like that. People need to really listen to the advice that’s being offered.

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