Modern Huntsman Program

Comprehensive Hunting and Fishing Education

At Bob King’s Outfitters, our Modern Huntsman program is private hunting lessons in New Mexico specifically designed for beginners and those looking to elevate their outdoor skills. We provide a foundational education that emphasizes ethical hunting and fishing practices, aimed at conserving wildlife and natural habitats.

Hunting: From Basics to the Field

Our hunting curriculum starts with the basics:

  • Ethical Practices: Learn the importance of sustainable hunting, animal welfare, and landscape management.
  • Shooting Skills: Begin with .22 caliber training sessions and progress to high-powered rifles for big game.
  • Bird Hunting: Experience wing shooting with a variety of game birds like grouse, dove, and quail.

Participants will engage in real hunting scenarios, applying their new skills to safely and ethically harvest game.

The program offers both comprehensive beginner courses and shorter refresher courses, catering to all levels of experience.

Fishing: A Gateway to Nature

Our fishing segment is just as enriching, offering:

  • Diverse Fishing Experiences: From lowland lakes targeting bass and walleye to high mountain streams home to trout and salmon.
  • Angling Skills: Learn both spinning and fly fishing techniques. Our program includes everything from setting up your tackle to understanding local aquatic ecosystems.

We ensure that every outing is both a learning experience and a fantastic family adventure. Whether you’re casting for catfish or fly fishing for trout, our expert guides will provide you with the skills to fish sustainably and successfully.


Flexible Program Structure

The Modern Huntsman program is adaptable:

  • Duration: Choose between single-day introductions and extended four to five-day immersive experiences.
  • Accommodations: Options range from rustic camping on-site to comfortable town lodging with modern amenities.

Education Beyond the Hunt

At the heart of the Modern Huntsman experience is the ethos of self-sufficiency and respect for nature. Our program not only teaches you how to track and harvest game but also how to prepare and cook your catch, ensuring that you can bring the freshest, healthiest food from field and stream to your family’s table. Learn more about the full benefits of the Modern Huntsman Program.

Upcoming Opportunities

Pronghorn antelope hunting is an excellent choice for beginners and provides a fantastic learning environment. Our hunts are set on the expansive Hay Ranch, where we have meticulously prepared shooting ranges to help you practice and perfect your skills. Spend time with our expert guides, making practice shots and mastering your technique before setting out on the hunt. Contact us today to learn more about our pronghorn antelope hunting through our Modern Huntsman Program.


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