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Your Essential Guide to The Pronghorn Antelope in 2024 in New Mexico. What to wear, gear to consider, and what to consider if your looking for a pronghorn antelope trophy hunt.

Prepare for Your Pronghorn Antelope Hunt with Santa Fe Guiding Company

At Santa Fe Guiding Company, we ensure every aspect of your pronghorn antelope hunt is tailored for success. Our expert owner ProGuide, Bob King, emphasizes the importance of preparation and the right gear to make your hunt not just successful, but truly enjoyable.

Essential Gear for Success

Quality optics are crucial for pronghorn antelope hunting. Spotting these agile creatures over the vast New Mexico plains requires top-notch binoculars. Once you’re within range, high-quality rifle optics are key to making a precise shot. Remember, we’re not advocating for long-range shooting; our focus is on making clean, ethical shots from 100 to 300 yards. This ensures a challenging yet manageable hunt, emphasizing skill over distance.

What to Wear

The right camouflage makes a difference for the extremely keen eyed critters. For hunts during August and September, opt for green-colored camo to blend seamlessly with the sunflowers and lush grasses of the eastern plains. Don’t forget sturdy leather gloves and knee pads — you’ll likely be crawling to get into the perfect position for your shot. It’s all about the thrill of the stalk, sometimes starting from a mile away.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before the hunt, take advantage of our top-notch shooting range. Whether you’re tuning up early in the season or honing your skills, our range is the perfect place to ensure you’re ready when it comes time to take that critical shot.


Simplified Licensing

At The Santa Fe Guiding Company, we simplify the licensing process. Our hunts on the Hay Ranch come with guaranteed private landowner tags, so there’s no need to rely on the luck of the draw. We handle all the details, ensuring you have the proper tags and licenses, including the HMAV stamp and any necessary migratory bird licenses if you choose to participate in dove hunting during your stay.

Choosing the Right Rifle

Selecting the right rifle is essential for pronghorn hunting. We recommend rifles that are 24 caliber and up, equipped with optics that support a flat, precise shot out to 200 yards. Unsure about what to bring? Consult with us directly. We’ll help you determine the best firearm and ammunition for your hunt.

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Ready to test your skills on the plains of New Mexico? Contact Santa Fe Guiding Company today to reserve your spot. With expert guidance from Bob King, top-tier equipment recommendations, and breathtaking landscapes, your pronghorn antelope hunt promises to be an unforgettable adventure. Learn more about private hunting lessons New Mexico.


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