The Great Provider

Fishing in New Mexico

Experience Overview:

The “Great Provider” is one of our favorite family fishing trips. Designed to be both educational and fun, this trip is perfect for families who want to spend quality time together while learning the basics of fishing and enjoying a freshly caught meal.

Trip Details:

  • Start Time: Our trips typically start between 7 AM and 9 AM, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the day without feeling rushed.
  • Duration: We spend 5 to 6 hours on the water, fishing, and cooking lunch.
  • Location: The fishing spot is conveniently located about an hour from Santa Fe, offering a serene and picturesque setting.


Fishing and Learning:

During the trip, kids will have the chance to catch rainbow trout using spinning tackle. This ensures they catch enough fish for lunch, providing a rewarding and educational experience. Meanwhile, adults can take a quick lesson in fly fishing, learning new skills that they can use on future fishing adventures.

Cooking Lunch:

One of the highlights of the “Great Provider” trip is cooking the trout by the stream. We teach families how to clean and cook the fish, turning the catch of the day into a delicious, freshly prepared lunch. It’s a great way to connect with nature and learn about sustainable fishing practices.

Returning to Santa Fe:

After lunch and a few more hours of fishing, we head back to Santa Fe, usually by early afternoon. This leaves plenty of time to explore the town or enjoy a relaxed evening after a day of fun and adventure.

Why Choose the Great Provider?

  • Educational: Learn essential fishing skills and sustainable practices.
  • Fun for All Ages: Kids and adults alike will enjoy the hands-on experience.
  • Delicious: Enjoy a fresh, home-cooked meal in a beautiful outdoor setting.
  • Convenient: Located close to Santa Fe, making it an easy and enjoyable day trip.

The “Great Provider” trip offers a unique combination of education, fun, and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for families looking to create lasting memories in the great outdoors.

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