New Mexico Guiding

Calm spring stillness at day break… song birds singing spring… soft tree calling… thunder chicken gobbles back to our call…

call again…GOBBLE…GOBBLE!… getting closer…

black tom appears in clearing out front… strutting white tipped fan…

red, white and blue head flashing…getting closer….BANG!

Shot in the face, flopping, beating wings with feathers flying.

One Tom in hand and a memory of a lifetime

  • Hunting private properties and our traditional hunting grounds in the Carson, Cibola and Santa Fe National Forest
  • Native New Mexico ProGuides talk turkey, know all their favorite hang outs – EXPERTS
  • April 15- May 10th Season and May is FIRE
  • Licenses required – Game
  • Hunting with HMAV, Fed. Habitat Stamp and Turkey License with 2
    Tom tags procured directly from the NMDG&F ‘over the counter’ sales
  • BossTom – fully outfitted services in private deluxe tent camps in remote areas for a great
    experience up there where the birds live
  • ProGuide – guided only – day hunting services with hunters lodging and dining on their own in
    personal encampment out there or in nearby towns
  • Day trips from Albuquerque and Santa Fe
  • Combo – New Mexico Natives – both Rio Grande and Merriams