Missing 411- ‘Missing 411: The Hunted’ documents stories of experienced hunters who had mysteriously went missing in the most bazaar circumstances.

How can a nimrod disappear without leaving tracks and a scent trail for Bloodhounds to follow? Is there something happening to these people that conventional explanations are at a loss to explain?

Bob King and The Santa Fe Guiding Company are in a new documentary that has just been released! ‘Missing 411: The Hunted’ has several stories pertaining to those who had gone missing near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Bob King and Gary Roybal of the Santa Fe Guiding Company lent their expertise on and off camera to help describe hunting around the Santa Fe area, as well as their thoughts about the mysterious cases.

The movie can be streamed online starting June, 25 2019, catch The Santa Fe Guiding Company when you see the Santa Fe guides and outfitters helping on Missing 411: The Hunted. | Click Here to view the trailer! 

In the documentary, not only will you see Bob King discuss the lands of New Mexico and a hilarious insight not to discount UFO’s playing a part in the mystery, you will also see their help in re-enacting past events with the help of expert Santa Fe Guide Gary Roybal.  Contact the Santa Fe Guiding Company for all of your pro guiding, hunting, and outfitting needs in New Mexico.

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Length: 97 Minutes

Directed By: Michael Degrazier

Executive Producer: David Paulides

Distributor: The Orchard

Release Date: June 25, 2019