Elk Hunting in New Mexico - Hunting and Camping Supply Tips From the Santa Fe Guiding Company (2)

Elk Hunting Packing Tips

Hello again elk hunters. Got a bull down today. Long hard day - 3rd day of the hunt.  Thought I’d show you the clothes I packed for the day. 

Warm Dry Day 

Summer/Fall Day 60 degrees, sunny


Wet Weather



For Sleeping


What most important is that your comfortable, and have multiple layers to shed to make warmer or cooler.  No need for coast-to-coast fashionista $300 breaches, elk don’t care what you wear! 

Those will give you good tips. Alright, until next time!


Packing Your Day Pack 

Hello Hunters, this will help you with packing your daypack for every hunt in New Mexico with the Santa Fe Guiding Company, and beyond. These are things we want you to have every time you leave the truck. You never know if it's going to be a 100 yard or 8-mile hike.

Your typical size daypack is going to work just great. We don’t want you to be overloaded. You want the room to be able to add a sweater or shed some clothing. Things that you don’t plan on using until you need them. 




These are some great things to remember to have on you every time you leave the truck.


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