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Modern Huntsman

The Santa Fe Guiding Company

Modern Huntsman

The Santa Fe Guiding Company

Modern Huntsman


"The artistry of patterning something so elusive and complex is an enticing challenge and becomes addictive"

T. Johnson

Bob King and his Santa Fe Guiding Company ProGuide staff invite you to experience world class guiding and outfitting here in the Land of Enchantment.

25 years in business, SFGC team work, sharing life times of personal hunting and fishing experiences, honing skill sets afield 12 months of the year and scouting and searching out the finest venues the Santa Fe Guiding Company has all the best big game, bird hunting and fishing adventures available to you.

Modern Huntsman learning and training programs for a complete life

Encouragement Hunting and Fishing training for all.

SFGC ProGuides + you, your family and friends = experiences, fun and adventures afield for the healthiest, tastiest food on earth!

  • Hunting for food = connection to nature, local, sustainable, ecologically conscious meat

  • From field to table for a happier healthier home

  • Outdoor adventure experiences for the whole family

  • Fishing- fly fishing lessons and harvest trips into the cooler and onto the table trout, bass, walleye, crappie and catfish

  • Small Game with .22 and shotguns for dove, quail, grouse, squirrel, migratory waterfowl and turkey

  • Big Game with rifle for antlope, Barbary sheep, deer and elk

  • Hunt weapon training programs for safety and proficiency

  • 1-2 day programs to fit everybody's busy schedule


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