The Santa Fe Guiding Company

Dove, Ducks, Geese & Sandhill Crane

The Santa Fe Guiding Company

Oryx Outfitters in New Mexico

The Santa Fe Guiding Company

Dove, Ducks, Geese & Sandhill Crane

All wild, no pen raised, free to run or flee game birds on New Mexico's finest natural landscapes.

Real hunts for true hunters looking for a challenge, good time for you and your dogs withfair chase opportunities to harvest native game birds. 4 species of wild quail - bobwhite, scaled, Gambel's and Montezuma, dusky grouse, band tailed pigeon, mourning and white winged dove, and ducks, geese and sandhill crane.


Consider one of our fan favorites combo hunts:

  • 3 Desert Species Quail (Gambel's, scaled and Montezuma) in SW NM

  • Dusky Grouse, Band Tailed Pigeon, Abert's squirrel and Native Rio Grande Cutthroat in the high country

  • High Speed September blue wing and cinnamon teal & dove - on the lower Rio Grande

  • Big Bird Boom Sandhill Crane and Greater Canada Geese field hunt over decoys

..... all good ideas for the combo desiring hunter.


  • All wild birds - no pen raised fowl

  • Professional guiding and outfitting

  • Small private hunt parties of 1-3 guns hunting over our dogs

  • Clients best hunting dogs welcome on all hunts

  • Over 300,000 acres on private ranches spread across New Mexico

  • Remote public lands

  • Priority Use Permit holder for Santa Fe, Carson & Cibola National Forest

  • Special Use Permit holder for BLM Las Cruces & Roswell Districts

  • New Mexico Registered Outfitter & Guides

  • Licensed and Insured



Santa Fe Guiding Company hunting & outfitting services has it all for bird hunters in the Land of Enchantment -

4 species of wild desert quail, dusky grouse, band tailed pigeon, dove, ducks, geese and sandhill crane.

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